Venice, December, 2018 45°26’02.7″N 12°20’17.7″E

It is tricky taking photos in Venice, there are literally billions of photos taken every year there, here is the best I could do, December, 2018

That is the Rialto bridge to the left, I took this from the top of the old customs house.
Gondoliers still ply their trade, for tourists but still.

4 thoughts on “Venice, December, 2018 45°26’02.7″N 12°20’17.7″E

  1. Nice photos. Venice is always interesting. Very close to me but I haven’t been there some years. Maybe this year?

    (Visit from The weekend in BW, but you need to correct the link to this post)


  2. Sorry to be so late visiting – it’s been a busy few days!

    You’ve managed the (almost) impossible – a different view of Venice! I like it very much. I’m too late this week, but I usually alter your posted link. If you only post the photo, no-one can tell you how much they enjoy it. I’m happy for you to link to the post 🙂


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